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Telemedicine that works for people.

Patients save time and feel better faster thanks to 24/7 access to caring, US-based, board-certified doctors.

Using our mobile app, website or with a phone call, patients avoid waiting rooms and paperwork —getting the quality, convenient care they deserve.

Our Telemedicine puts the care back in healthcare.
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24/7 Access

Virtual doctor visits nationwide.


Under 5 minutes

Connect to doctors quickly.


Feel better, faster

No stress, travel or paperwork to get care.

Our Difference

Better Telemedicine.

Telemedicine only works when people use it. First Stop Health delivers unparalleled Telemedicine for patients and employers.

Custom Employee Engagement

Targeted communications to encourage use throughout the year.

56% Average Utilization*

Industry-leading Telemedicine utilization.

125% Savings Guarantee**

Hard-dollar employer savings from diverted medical claims.

Easy Patient Experience

No pre-registration needed -- contact a doctor whenever and wherever needed.

Detailed Employer Reporting

Quarterly progress reports reduce the workload for HR teams.

Prescription Drug Savings

Optional prescription drug savings card for employees

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*Represents FSH clients who have experience of at least 12 months at the end of 2018. First Stop Health measures utilization based on the number of doctor consults per employee. The 56% utilization represents 560 consults per every 1,000 employees.

**For every $1 an employer spends on First Stop Health Telemedicine, we guarantee they will receive $1.25 in real savings. It’s the same as achieving a 25% ROI, but we guarantee the savings or we’ll refund the difference.

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